Romeo agrees to obtain confidential information about the Resort for Peter, and starts doing some digging. He asks Indi about her internship. She becomes suspicious of her husband’s motives… and her suspicions are confirmed when Harvey uses Romeo’s information in his campaign against Alf and the development. Indi realises that it must have been Romeo who leaked it. She asks him why he was snooping, and he’s forced to reveal that he did it to earn some cash, because he lent money to Mink and she’s scarpered.

Bianca is cross with Liam and reckons he can’t let go of his bachelor lifestyle. Later, he doesn’t call when he says he will and she loses it. Liam, however, doesn’t seem too concerned that she’s so angry with him. What’s he hiding? All is revealed when he later rocks up at the Surf Club with a motorbike helmet… and an engagement ring.

Miles agrees to spend some quality time with VJ, despite feeling uncomfortable with Leah. Miles urges Elijah to confess to Leah about how he feels but Elijah’s reluctant. When Miles, Leah, and VJ share a ‘happy family’ moment, Miles is torn about his feelings and makes a drastic decision.