Romeo is worried that Harvey is going behind his back, trying to land the marina contract that Dennis promised HIM. Romeo confronts Harvey about their lack of communication and learns that Harvey is thinking about getting his own boat. That would make him Romeo’s direct competition! John advises Romeo to get something in writing from Dennis. Angered by the idea he’s being undercut, Romeo warns Roo that Harvey isn’t who she thinks he is.

Gypsy wants Lily to give Mark a chance, but she gets angry at being forced to play nicely and throws away the iPad he gave them. At lunch, Mark voices his concern to Gypsy about Lily’s bad behaviour. When he suggests they send her to boarding school, Gypsy refuses. Mark confesses he’s not sure if they can all live together.

Bianca has written a character reference for Casey, and delivers it to Heath. She agrees to watch Darcy so Heath can help his Mum out of a financial mess with the debt collectors. Bianca gives Darcy a bath and gets so wet she has to take off her dress. Liam comes over to deliver the money from Angelo’s and is gutted to see Bianca answering the door wearing a man’s bathrobe.