Romeo is having strange dreams about people leaving. Will Annie leave him? The pair struggle in rehearsals – Annie’s looming decision is holding them both back. Xavier thinks Romeo should just ask Annie what her plans are, but Romeo knows Annie will tell him when she’s ready. Ruby asks Annie why she hasn’t told Romeo and she says it’s because he hasn’t asked. Before the play starts, Romeo confronts Annie, but they’re interrupted. Romeo has to get through the whole play not knowing if Annie will stay or go.

Ruby is nervous – she’s rehearsing her song and hits a wrong note. Liam says she can use those nerves to her advantage, but Ruby’s not convinced.

Angelo tells Martha that he and Alf believe Hugo stashed money before he died. Angelo is worried that Alf is struggling to keep the secret from Martha, and opens up to Charlie. Charlie thinks Hugo’s family should know he’s alive and has escaped witness protection.

Miles tells Elijah he was suspended over believing in Rabbit, but what’s so wrong with that? Elijah believes in God and everyone respects him for it. Elijah asks Miles if he’s quitting his job to prove what he believes is real. And why doesn’t Miles ask his friends for help?

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