Romeo writes a poem for Annie

Jai is keen to reveal to Annie that he has been writing poetry but Romeo encourages caution. Ruby tells Annie to flirt with Romeo to find out once and for all whether Romeo is the guy. Annie tries flirting with Romeo but he doesn’t respond to her. However he can’t help it – he writes a poem himself and drops it off with Annie. Annie reads it and swoons – she’s fallen for Romeo hook, line and sinker.

Everyone thinks Xavier is lying about the alibi but he and Ruby decide to stick to the story they have made. Hugo visits Ruby and tells her that Xavier is only lying because he loves her and he shouldn’t get in trouble. Xavier is visited by Robertson who puts additional pressure on him by implying that Ruby might betray him.

Martha is having second thoughts about her ‘honesty is the best policy’ approach in the election campaign. John Palmer writes a letter to the local paper saying her posters are an affront to public decency. Martha is determined to strike back.

Also, Robertson finally gets to go on a date with Leah, he has prepared a quaint little picnic on the beach and they have a wonderful time.