Romeo has turned down the money from the River Boys, but his boat needs to be repaired. Morag lines up a client charter for that afternoon so he attempts to fix it himself. Later, however, Romeo gets caught in the middle of a River Boy scuffle on the beach and neglects his surf lifesaving duty.

When someone nearly drowns, John has no other choice but to give Romeo the sack. Romeo’s luck well and truly runs out when the boat’s engine malfunctions in the middle of his client trip. Indi and Roo both try to offer Romeo some support but it’s not enough. He’s desperate to turn his life around, so he agrees to take the River Boys out on their charter.

Casey skips school to go surfing with the River Boys, much to Ruby’s dissatisfaction. After Casey receives a black eye in the River Boy scuffle, Ruby’s keen to point out she told him it was a bad idea, and he shouldn’t always try to prove he is one of them.

Morag reveals to Roo that the reason this boat charter was so important is because the clients came with a potential business offer for her. Is she thinking of leaving Summer Bay for good?

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