Romeo has lost his voice and is carrying a notepad to write down what he wants to say. Indi insists he sees her dad to get a proper check up. Sid thinks Romeo’s laryngitis may be caused by an allergy and Indi worries that Romeo is allergic to her! Romeo assures her he’s not and gives her a passionate kiss. When Sid assesses Romeo again, it’s clear that it’s Indi’s lipstick he was allergic to. Romeo and Indi then decide to take the next step in their relationship.

John prepares for his council meeting. He’s hoping to get all his proposals through, including banning water bottles and installing recycle bins. During the meeting, the motion for banning water bottles is passed but to John’s horror, funding the water bottle project will now be taken from his pet project the ‘Highway to Summer Bay’. April overhears John moaning about the water bottle plan and she’s furious. How are they going to rally support when John can’t even get enthusiastic about it?

Leah is thrilled that her phone call with Elijah went so well. She’s even organised a follow-up phone call with him. Before long, Leah and VJ decide to visit Elijah and they book two plane tickets.

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