Romeo has agreed to take the River Boys out on a fishing charter, as he needs the money. But Pee Wee and Gordo show up for the trip instead of Heath. Romeo thinks he’s been played. Before long, it’s clear this was no fishing trip…

Charlie and Watson make progress in their marijuana investigation after they get a tip-off that a drop has been scheduled in The Cove. They intercept the boat just as Gordo is dumping the drugs overboard. All three boys are arrested and Morag is called to represent Romeo during his interview.

During his interview it appears that all traces to Heath have been removed, so once again Charlie is at loss to pin him down. Morag tells Romeo he can no longer use the boat for his business. Roo offers to act as his mentor so Morag can give him a second chance.

Marilyn is still not coping in the wake of giving up the baby and feels the need to make peace with Nicole and George. She asks Miles for Nicole’s forwarding address so she can make contact, but he refuses to give it to her. However, Marilyn receives a call from Nicole when she least expects it.

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