Romeo isn’t sure what the kissing session with Indi meant. She asks him if he’s having second thoughts about them. He says he’s not, but the look on his face suggests otherwise. She’s worried that he’s hung up on Annie, but he tells her he just doesn’t want to lose their friendship. Later they talk on the phone and it’s clear they’re still able to chat as friends.

Rachel and Tony are at odds over her proposed move to Boston. He says Daniel is ruining their lives, and isn’t pleased when Daniel turns up. Rachel tells Daniel she’s taking the job whether Tony comes or not. Tony takes a stand too – he’s staying in the Bay. Rachel repeatedly rings Tony but he refuses to pick up. When he finally comes home to talk about it, he finds a one-way ticket to Boston with Rachel’s name on it.

Charlie is missing Angelo. Ever since the restaurant opened she’s barely seen him. They’re supposed to spend the day together, but he’s called into the restaurant. He promises her dinner, but when she arrives, she finds him run off his feet as a staff member has called in sick. Charlie feels like she’s the only one who thinks this is a problem.

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