Romeo’s reluctant to tell Indi

Romeo tells Indi he has an appointment at the bank when he’s really having his first bout of chemotherapy. Sid insists on Romeo having support with him, so he brings Liam along. Sid asks Liam to encourage Romeo to reveal his condition to Indi but Liam maintains it’s Romeo’s decision to make.

Meanwhile, Dex asks the hospital for his old job back and is invited in for an interview. While there, he runs into Romeo and Liam who covers by claiming he was in for a check-up. Later, Dex gets a call telling him he’s got the job but he’s disappointed to hear that he’s on a three-month probation.

After talking to Dex, Indi confronts Romeo about his trip to the hospital and he seems to be about to reveal his illness. However, when Indi starts to get upset over the possibility of Liam being ill, Romeo realises she can’t handle the truth and covers again, to Sid’s disappointment. He then tells Sid that he’s going to stop his treatment so that his symptoms don’t give away his illness. He’s going to wait until the time is right to tell her.

Also, Bianca manages to convince Heath to go to counselling but he’s not impressed by the young counsellor, Robin, recommended by Natalie, and leaves immediately. Heath then has a go at Natalie but Zac stands up to him, suggesting he has a good look at his priorities. Heath takes Zac’s comments on board and goes back to see Robin.