Romeo’s troubles continue…

Romeo takes Irene’s advice and backs off, to let his mum make her own mistakes. Irene tells Jill she could lose Romeo forever if she ruins things again. Indi is thrilled when Romeo opens up to her. She convinces him that people can change and he should stay positive. Jill tells Romeo she'[s going to AA and he is delighted. But when he comes downstairs ready for school, Jill has left him a note. She’s gone.

Elijah is desperate to find out what his mother said to Leah. Lijuan tells him she’s testing Leah, to see if she defends her man. If she doesn’t, they know she’s not the one. Elijah tells Lijuan to stop interfering. He tells Leah that she’s more important than anything and they kiss and make up. Lijuan and Song leave the Bay on a happy note.

Penn asks Nicole about Sid, and she tells him she put Sid through hell. She’s grateful Sid pushed her away when he did. Penn offers to ‘fix’ things with Sid if he ever hassles Nicole. Knowing Penn’s there for her, Nicole’s feeling closer to him. Penn goes to see Sid, telling him that Nicole and Penn are casual and that Nicole still likes Sid. What’s Penn playing at?

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