Ronnie abducts baby Tommy

Kat manages to get herself discharged from hospital in this special New Year episode, as she’s desperate to get home to baby Tommy. In the Vic flat, Ronnie stands next to baby Tommy’s cot as the revellers sing in the New Year downstairs. Ronnie leaves the pub, the baby clutched to her chest. Back home, Ronnie places baby Tommy in James’s cot and starts to shake uncontrollably.

An ambulance arrives at the Vic. Ronnie is horrified at what she’s done and is about to take Tommy home, but when she sees the paramedics and Kat arriving in a taxi she is stopped in her tracks. At the Vic, Kat is faced with an unimaginable horror as Alfie holds her dead son, not realising that the child is in fact baby James. Meanwhile, Jack wants to meet his son and Ronnie can’t bring herself to tell him the truth…

Carol half-heartedly tells Connor to leave the house as the kids are in the living room. Whitney calls Connor’s silent mobile, but he doesn’t pick up. Carol can’t help herself and falls into Connor’s arms. Meanwhile, Whitney is waiting in the Vic for Connor and realises she’s been stood up.

Also, Jodie talks Darren into proposing to her.

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