Ronnie and Jack get closer!

Ronnie wakes up in Jack’s bed and tries to play it cool but she can’t resist him. Ronnie asks Jack to come over to the Vic for a drink with the Mitchell family and kiss and make up. Jack arrives for the drink but he doesn’t stay long.

Meanwhile, Darren has his first official day as new manager of Getaway Motors and he’s wearing a flash new suit and shoes. Darren asks a stunned Phil for more of his dodgy cars as he needs to get the business up and running, but Phil refuses to supply him. Darren later pays a visit to Jack – he has Phil’s admission about the cars on tape – Phil has been set up.

Tanya is shocked when a social worker turns up on the doorstep and tells her that Max reported that there was a drug addict living in the house with the kids. Tanya protests Rainey’s innocence and sends the social worker packing. Tanya asks Rainey to go for a drugs test to prove that she’s clean to Max’s solicitor.

Also, Ian decides that Peter is going to be an athlete in the Olympics; Pat offers to let Billy and Honey move in with her.

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