Ronnie and Kat’s babies are on the way!

Ronnie is surprised to discover that Jean’s prediction seems to have come true when she goes into labour! Ronnie calmly makes her way to the Tube station to get to hospital. Heather bumps into Ronnie and is excited when Ronnie reveals she’s having the baby. Heather goes to the Vic and tells Roxy and Glenda. Roxy hurries to the hospital. Ronnie isn’t best pleased to see her, but the sisters are united in joy when Ronnie’s baby boy is born.

Kat also has contractions. Mo thinks Kat’s making too much fuss about the pain. Charlie sympathises with his daughter, but realises Mo was right and Kat is trying to get attention. Later, Kat’s in the Vic barrel store and she goes into labour. Alfie, Mo and Charlie rush to her side and Mo delivers Kat’s baby boy!

Tiff is still confused and upset after seeing Carol with Connor and she scribbles out Carol’s face from some family photos. Meanwhile, Whitney confronts Connor at the Arches and convinces him that she didn’t set him up. Whitney invites Connor out for New Year, but he’s not exactly enthusiastic. Whitney’s excited when Connor agrees to see her again. Whitney tells Tiff, who is confused after seeing Connor with Carol.

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