Ronnie catches Roxy sneaking into the house after another all-night session with Carl and tells Phil they need to do something about it. Alarmed to find cocaine in Roxy’s bag, although Roxy insists she didn’t take any, Ronnie has a showdown with her and Carl. Revealing Carl tried it on with her, Ronnie is frustrated when Roxy sides with Carl. After another run-in with Carl, Ronnie is up for a fight when Carl insists Roxy won’t be going to Ibiza with her…

Billy insists he can manage alone when Lucy tries to get her job back at Butcher’s Joints. When he’s run off his feet, it’s clear it’s not a one-man show and he tells Lucy he needs her help after all. Grateful when Lucy sets everything to rights, he offers her back her job. Billy is stunned when Lucy insists that she’s now in charge and rehires Danny!

The Carters decide to throw a New Year’s Eve party in the Vic. Mick starts the ball rolling by bonding with the local blokes over a game of darts. Mick reveals a mysterious wedding invitation in the post, but hides it from the family. There’s almost a thaw between Shirley and Linda when Linda sticks up for her, but Shirley can’t bring herself to bury the hatchet.

Also, Shirley is shocked when she sees Johnny kiss a flirty Danny.