Ronnie and Roxy are arrested!

Ronnie works out that Jack gave Roxy the credit card and she confronts her sister, but Roxy is unrepentant. Danielle offers to babysit Amy, so Roxy glams herself up for a night out. Meanwhile, Peggy has learnt that the cops are staking out Gilly’s massage parlour and gets the press along to prove that her campaign to have the massage parlour shut has worked. Unfortunately, Ronnie and Roxy are having a catfight outside the massage parlour and get arrested on suspicion of being prostitutes!

Billy is swayed by Jay’s out-of-date food scam when Jay insists that he’s only ‘recycling’ the food. Jay unwittingly sells a sausage roll to an undercover cop. Later, Billy finds Jay fast asleep in his room after having broken the lock and it is revealed that Billy has redecorated his room for a family, obviously still hoping that Honey will return to Walford with the kids.

Shirley warns Minty not to hurt Heather when she learns about his date. Manda is unimpressed when Minty spends his time trying to avoid Heather and huffily tells him to call her when he’s sorted himself out.

Also, Jane thinks Masood has a crush on her; Danielle offers to babysit little Amy.

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