Roxy‘s angry with Peggy for signing the divorce papers and giving away her marital rights. Ronnie tells the Mitchells they need to do everything above board and points out that Archie is powerless without an order of possession. Roxy persuades Ronnie to try to come to a compromise with Archie. Janine interrupts their meeting with Archie and when Ronnie makes snide remarks about Janine, Archie storms off. Ronnie chucks Janine out and Roxy agrees with Ronnie that from now on it’s war.

Jane can’t understand why Ian sold the Mitchell loan to Archie and confides in Christian that she’s upset with Ian’s selfish behaviour. Christian sympathises and lets slip that he’s found someone he wants to spend his life with. Jane later sees Christian staring up at Syed’s window and she’s stunned as she twigs that Christian was talking about Syed.

Bradley and Stacey return to Albert Square and are loved up. The couple discuss their future together and plan a holiday. Jean tells Stacey that she’s missed having her around, but she’s horrified when Stacey collapses…

Also, Mo struggles to keep the children in line during rehearsals for the nativity play; Pat plans Christmas away from the Square.

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