Ronnie and Roxy have a ruck

Ronnie is suspicious that Roxy‘s been with Sean, but Roxy lies about who she spent the night with. Roxy is also suspicious when Ronnie gets a call, but quickly diverts it when she sees it’s from Jack. Jack confronts Ronnie about avoiding his calls and Roxy spots them. Roxy calls Ronnie two-faced.

Bianca is nervous about the social worker coming to visit Pat’s house and she begs Ricky to keep up the lie that they are back together. The social worker Alice turns up and after a chat agrees to let the children come home. Bianca is delighted, but Ricky drops a bombshell when the social worker is gone – he wants their son Liam to live with him.

Gus wants Keisha to move in with him, but he’s worried about telling Sean to leave the flat. Sean refuses to move out and Gus loses it and shoves him against the wall. Sean plots revenge and when he finds Keisha waiting for Gus he tells a heartbroken Keisha that Gus is a ladies’ man. Gus is devastated when he returns to the flat to discover that Sean has charmed Keisha into bed!

Also, Ben hides his new hobby from Phil – tap-dancing!

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