Ronnie and Roxy prepare for their opening night at R&R, but disaster strikes when Ronnie ends up in casualty after spraining her wrist! Everything is back on track until poor-sighted new barmaid Dawn signs for the wrong order and they end up with mixers and no alcohol. Peggy helps out with booze from the Vic and disaster is averted. Ronnie and Roxy welcome the first punters through the doors and Ronnie is stunned to see Jack.

Shirley stubbornly refuses to get involved with Vince, despite Heather’s encouragement. Heather plots to help out Vince and lets him into the flat. Shirley walks in on Heather and Vince with a table set for two and she demands to know what’s going on. A romantic Vince reveals that he has prepared a meal for her. Vince’s persistence is starting to win Shirley round.

Honey tells Billy that she’ll be happy to buy all their Christmas presents from the charity shop. But Billy has his pride and he tells his wife that he doesn’t want them having a second-hand Christmas.

Also, Dot returns without Jim, who is still very poorly; Denise has a proposition for Ian; Dawn refuses to give Jase a second chance.

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