Ronnie is frustrated with Roxy for sending a text to Charlie from her phone. She heads to Dot’s to apologise to him. When she arrives, she discovers Charlie has prepared a romantic meal for two and was about to invite her over. Laying their cards on the table, they both admit they like each other. When Dot and Fatboy walk in to find them kissing, Dot is thrilled.

Lauren is concerned when she notices someone is following her. Peter runs out into the street and chases the unknown stalker, managing to get his licence number before he drives off. When Lauren and Peter tell Emma, she promises to investigate. Realising Bryant was in the car, Emma tells them not to worry, lying that it was a journalist.

Elaine is sure that Linda is having an affair with Dean, and by revealing a few truths of her own she attempts to get Linda to open up to her. It backfires, however, making Linda even more determined to never reveal the rape to anyone – especially Mick. Before going home, Elaine corners Dean, telling him to stay away from Linda. Mick’s hopeful that Elaine has cheered Linda up, but Linda is more distant than ever.