Ronnie betrays Roxy

Roxy is upset about falling out with Ronnie. When she sees Jack she threatens to spill the beans about seeing him with Selina. Jack points out that she has no evidence and a frustrated Roxy drags Christian to the club to help her go through the CCTV footage, hoping that Jack and Selina were caught on camera. Jack finds her and throws her out. Ronnie makes amends with Roxy and she lies to Roxy that she and Jack are over. Roxy is devastated when she later sees Ronnie kissing Jack.

Hazel upsets Heather when she lets slip that she is being replaced by Dawn as bridesmaid. Shirley furiously confronts Hazel about her betrayal and Hazel collapses. Hazel comes round and she decides to reinstate Heather as bridesmaid after Shirley’s harsh words. Minty is worried about Hazel, who admits that she may be pregnant!

Tam finds a final demand, but he can’t get Zainab to confront her money worries. Tam is stunned when he later walks in on Shabnam with a stack of cash, planning a round-the-world trip. Tam keeps his promise to Zainab to keep her debts a secret, but when Shabnam tells him that she wants him to help her get £500 from Zainab, he blurts out Zainab’s secret.

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