Ronnie catches Roxy with Dean!

Dean is furious with Roxy for not turning up at Libby’s party as planned. Knowing how to win him round, Roxy passionately kisses him. The couple’s secret liaison is interrupted by a horrified Ronnie. Telling Roxy to break things off with Dean, Ronnie is relieved when a reluctant Roxy calls Dean to tell him it’s over.

Claudette tends to Vincent’s wounds when he returns after getting a beating, quickly realising Phil is to blame. Outraged that Vincent has interrupted Libby’s party by turning up covered in blood, Denise and Patrick encourage Kim to end things with him. Although Vincent pleads with Kim to give him a second chance, she stands firm. Claudette tells Vincent that Phil will get what’s coming to him.

Donna tells Pam to stop being such a pushover. Taking Donna’s words to heart, Pam suggests to Les they invite Claudette for dinner. After Les dismisses the idea, Pam expects to have an evening in with her husband, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Also, before leaving the Square, Libby calls Chelsea to say she couldn’t break the news to Denise.