Ronnie collapses at Danielle’s grave

Ronnie hides behind a tree as Danielle’s funeral proceeds and holds in her tears. Stacey sees Ronnie and feels sorry for her and approaches her after the service. Stacey asks Danielle’s adoptive dad Andy to talk to Ronnie and explains that Ronnie didn’t know she was Danielle’s mum until it was too late. Andy talks to Ronnie about Danielle and gives her a teddy bear from Danielle’s childhood. A devastated Ronnie finally breaks down next to the grave and a worried Stacey phones Roxy.

Lauren confesses to Tanya that she is terrified that Tanya will get back together with Max and Tanya is concerned. Tanya meets up with Max, who is left bitterly disappointed when Tanya makes it clear that there is no chance of them ever being a family again. Tanya confesses that she still loves Max, but there is no future in their relationship.

Dot confronts Dotty about the mobile phone and Dotty thinks fast and tells Dot that Nick gave it to her to use in emergencies if she ever missed him. Dot falls for Dotty’s story and tells her that she will hold onto the phone for her for safekeeping.

Also, Libby thinks Patrick should speak to Tommy and decides to talk to Tommy herself.