Ronnie confesses to murder

Ronnie is shaken when Les turns up after getting an email to say Ronnie has died and needs her funeral arranging. Worried it’s more than a prank, Jack pushes Billy to show him the email. When he realises that Ronnie’s ‘injuries’ have also been detailed in the email, Jack is seriously worried. Talking to Sharon, Jack is stunned when she reveals what happened to Carl White. Confronting Ronnie, Jack questions her actions. Their argument is interrupted by Paul, who arrives with flowers and an RIP card. Paul reveals that the flowers were sent from a ‘Danielle Jones’…

Louise is smug after finding out about Abi’s lie to Ben, making the most of her discovery by blackmailing Abi. Jealous of Ben and Phil’s relationship, Louise tells Abi she wants her and Ben out of Walford for good or she’ll tell all.

Carmel has a confession for Kush about her latest visit when she reveals that her house has been sold and she has nowhere to live. Pushed to the limit, Kush snaps and tells her to leave. As she gets ready to go, Tamwar approaches her, persuading her not to leave. When Kush returns home, Carmel promises she’ll stand by him.