Ronnie visits Glenda and confronts her about being pregnant when she ran out on Archie. Glenda tells Ronnie that she and Roxy have a brother called Daniel. Glenda says she fell out with Daniel and she doesn’t know where he is. Ronnie isn’t ready to forgive Glenda and Jack takes her home. Ronnie wonders whether Daniel is real and Jack thinks they should find him. Meanwhile, an upset Glenda is interrupted by a young man…

Stacey brings Becca home. Bradley’s annoyed when Becca flirts and invites him to go out on the town with her and Stacey. Bradley reminds Becca that Stacey is pregnant and he wants to keep her safe. Becca and Stacey go to the Vic and Becca gets nervous when Stacey suggests going clubbing. Becca tells Stacey to call her a taxi – she wants to go back to the psychiatric unit.

Jane visits Ian at the police station and can’t believe that he’s been charged with murder. Ian apologises to Jane for everything that has happened and ruining their chances of adopting. Jane soothes Ian and tells him that she’ll do whatever it takes to get him out but Ian doesn’t seem convinced. Jane tells Pat she’s going to fight the arrest and Pat promises to deal with Janine.

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