Ronnie contemplates suicide

Ronnie is horrified at witnessing Jack and Roxy‘s ‘kiss’ and flees to the Square. Jack is frustrated when Roxy demands that he stay for his daughter’s christening rather than run after Ronnie. As the christening proceeds, Ronnie is back in the Vic and contemplates suicide, but she is disturbed by Phil. Ronnie instead packs a bag and gets into a taxi. Jack is heartbroken to discover that Ronnie has gone.

Syed panics that his glamorous girlfriend, Amira, will leave him if she discovers that he’s homeless and broke. Tamwar ends up telling Amira the truth and Masood is infuriated when a haughty Amira declares Syed dumped. Despite losing his girlfriend, Syed is grateful that his dad has stood up for him.

Heather worries about being a hopeless mother and she offers to babysit Summer to test her parenting skills. Heather struggles with Summer and when Dawn comes to collect her, Heather sadly tells her that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be cut out to be a mum. Dawn tells Heather that motherhood is a case of trial and error and Heather ponders Dawn’s words.

Also, Nick wants money from Billy in return for not telling Jay about Billy’s cowardice over Jase’s murder.

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