Ronnie demands a baby

Jack is horrified after finding Ronnie with the condom and the pin, but Ronnie lies that she’s never done it before. Jack forgives her, but he’s evasive when she later brings up the subject of kids. A frustrated Ronnie tells Jack that she can’t afford to wait and reveals she’s bought more baby clothes. Jack realises that Ronnie lied about the condom and he tells her she’s as manipulative as her father. Ronnie is devastated. Jack heads out to get some air and when he returns Ronnie is gone, her engagement ring on the table…

Jordan cuts off a call from Trina. Denise is puzzled and Jordan reveals that Lucas banned him from seeing her. Denise confronts Lucas and tells him that kids need their mums, but Lucas insists that Trina is no good for Jordan and reveals she was on heroin while she was pregnant with him. Denise takes Jordan’s mobile and secretly notes down Trina’s number.

Syed confronts Christian and tells him that their kiss was a big mistake and he asks Christian to forget about it. Syed is angry when Christian suggests that he doesn’t love Amira and he enjoyed their kiss, even if he wants to deny it. Christian is hurt when Syed insults him and storms out.

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