Sean tells Ronnie that he knows about Christian’s plans to help Roxy with the baby and he reveals that Archie didn’t call him when Roxy went into labour. Ronnie tells Sean that Roxy has dumped them both. Ronnie visits Roxy and is rattled when Roxy reveals she’s calling her baby Amy, after the daughter that Ronnie lost.

Ronnie has a confrontation with Archie, who admits that he didn’t call Sean because he doesn’t want him around Roxy and the baby. Ronnie finds Sean and tells him she’s taking him to see Amy. Sean is overcome as he sees his tiny daughter in the incubator and tenderly tells her to hang on. Roxy walks in and sees Sean and he begs her to let him stay.

Jack phones Bradley to tell him that Max is being woken from his sedation, but Bradley hangs up. Bradley mulls over the news and decides to be there when Max wakes up. As Max comes round he is pleased to see his son. Bradley seems about to say something to Max but he can’t deal with it and runs from the room.

Also, Vinnie’s fling Daphne is unimpressed when she discovers the lie about the pub.

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