Ronnie discovers Roxy’s little secret!

Ronnie has a heart-to-heart with Jack, but she finds it difficult to let her guard down and Jack’s patience is wearing thin. Ronnie is jealous when she later sees Jack laughing with Tanya. Roxy has been to the clinic to book a termination. Ronnie walks in on Roxy and Christian arguing and finds out about the pregnancy. Ronnie coldly tells her sister that she should get rid of the baby.

Shabnam discovers a box of unpaid bills and tells Tamwar that they need to get jobs to help out. Shabnam gets a job at the club, while Ian takes Tamwar on at the chippy. Zainab finds Tamwar and is furious, stomps off to find Shabnam. At the club, Shabnam is frustrated about Dawn’s preconceptions of her and shows off some pole-dancing moves. Zainab walks in and is horrified.

Mickey needs a home for Wellard and talks Vinnie into buying him for Shirley. Whitney wants Wellard for Tiffany and she’s disappointed when she learns that he’s already been sold. Shirley tells Vinnie she doesn’t want a dog and Whitney is delighted when Vinnie lets her take him. But in the meantime, Tiffany has found another doggy friend – Albert!

Also, a drunk Heather and Shirley get arrested!

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