Roxy is determined not to let Ronnie buy Booty and she puts in an outrageous bid and wins the salon. After the auction Ronnie finds a young girl in the Square who is asking people if they know her father. Ronnie takes a look at the photo the girl is holding and is stunned to see who it is…

Lucas manages to keep the residents from digging the soil underneath Trina’s tree. Mo arrives with a metal detector and starts digging in the dirt next to the tree, but all she finds is an old foil pie tray. Meanwhile, Denise convinces Roxy to pay for a fountain in the middle of the new gardens.

Phil tries to impress Shirley with flowers, but she is dismissive. Phil shows Shirley his arm and she melts when she sees a tattoo with her name. Phil is alarmed when Shirley reveals she knows that tattoo is a fake, but she tells him that he won her over with the flowers and the couple are reunited. Heather warns Phil not to hurt Shirley again.

Also, Jane and Ian arrange for Lucy to have home tuition; Ricky confesses to Minty he can’t afford to keep Billie on at the Arches.

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