Ronnie finds herself a new man

Roxy is upset when Jack is angry with her for lying to him that Ronnie had a new man. Roxy confesses to Archie that she’s in love with Jack and reveals that Ronnie tried to trick Jack into getting her pregnant. Peggy gives Whitney’s brother Ryan a trial behind the bar and he flirts with Ronnie, who takes him down to the barrel store and kisses him passionately. Janine is jealous when she later discovers Ronnie in bed with Ryan at the flat.

Syed rushes over to see Christian when he discovers he’s been attacked but Christian is in a dark mood and forces him to leave. Syed later visits again and Christian softens. Christian confesses that he only took Luke home because he was gutted at losing Syed. They share a charged moment but Syed storms out when Christian is suggestive.

Libby meets up with Liz and takes the visiting order and heads to the prison. Owen is delighted to see his daughter and he seems genuinely remorseful about what happened between them. Libby gives Owen an awkward hug as visiting time comes to an end. Libby is shocked when Owen tells her that he may be out of prison in just a few months.

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