Ronnie bumps into Jack’s doctor, a Dr Steele, and he flirts with her. Ronnie opens up to Dr Steele about her troubled past with Jack, but she’s upset when Dr Steele tries to kiss her. That evening Ronnie reopens the club, but there are barely any punters. Dr Steele arrives to apologise for making a pass at her and he manages to cheer her up. Dr Steele and Ronnie dance and Ronnie misses a call from Jack.

Syed tries to make a quick exit after bedding Christian. An upset Christian tells Syed he must decide who he wants to be with. Zainab bites her tongue when Amira invites Christian to Syed’s birthday dinner, but Christian is a no-show. Syed sneaks out to see Christian and they end up in bed again, but someone has seen them…

Phil is fuming when Ben tells him he lost his trainers, but his rage is increased when Louise points out that the trainers are hanging from a tree. Ben confesses that the trainers were stolen by bullies. Phil is shocked to find out that the bullies are girls. Phil confronts the ringleader Tasha and tells Ben he won’t be bothered again.

Also, Fatboy borrows Darren’s ice cream van for his driving test!

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