Ronnie gets a blast from the past!

Ronnie heads to court to await the outcome of Dot’s trial as the verdict is due to be announced. When Ronnie gets a call from ‘Carl’ she’s rattled, until she realises it’s Vincent – he’s changed his number in her phone to ‘Carl’ to freak her out. Warning Ronnie he knows that she killed Carl, Vincent then threatens her. Ronnie turns to Phil for support but he might be out of his depth this time.

Shabnam is uncomfortable on her date with prospective husband Asim when he asks her thoughts on having children in the future. As the atmosphere turns frosty, Asim realises things aren’t going well.

After the disastrous date, Fatima confronts Shabnam, revealing she knows all about Shabnam’s baby. Promising not to reveal Shabnam’s secret herself, Fatima instead encourages Shabnam to come clean. Later, Shabnam bumps into Dean and with the baby on her mind she says a little too much, leaving Dean wondering…

Also, the father of Linda’s baby is finally revealed.