Ronnie gets close to Vincent

Ronnie’s heart races after a flirty visit from Vincent, prompting her to warn him to stay away from her. When Roxy gets a text from Ronnie insisting she and Charlie see her, Roxy is worried that Ronnie will tell Charlie she knows about their fling. Much to Roxy’s relief, Ronnie just wants to show Roxy she can stand now, promising to keep the secret. When Charlie turns up and reveals a new witness will be testifying against Dot, Ronnie decides to turn to Phil for help.

Denise and Kim are alarmed when the bailiffs turn up with a warning to pay their bills. Determined to get some cash in, Denise has an interview at McKlunky’s, while Kim heads to the job centre. Learning that Vincent is looking for her, Kim panics, telling Kat she’s going to leave Walford. It’s not long before she comes face-to-face with Vincent…

Linda puts her foot down and refuses Babe when she offers to buy Shirley out of the Vic. Babe’s not about to let things drop, putting a plan into action forcing Linda and Mick to accept her help. When Buster finds out what really happened over the broken window at Blades, he pours Babe’s trifle all over her head!

Also, Sonia finds out that Martin is filing for divorce.