*Hour-long episode*

Ronnie nervously hides the champagne bottle she hit Carl with. Roxy’s concerned that Carl never returned last night, but Kirsty thinks he’s probably moved on. Showing Phil that she has Carl locked up in the Arches, Ronnie convinces him to help her force Carl to leave Walford. Carl seems to go along with it, but instead hides outside, plotting revenge.

Turning up at the Mitchells’, Carl tells Ronnie he has Roxy held hostage, luring her to the Arches. Taking matters into her own hands Ronnie gets rid of Carl for ever. Back in Carl’s flat, Ronnie panics that Carl has killed Roxy, but Roxy is just sleeping. As Ronnie and Roxy leave for Ibiza with Amy, Phil finds Carl’s phone covered in blood among Ronnie’s things…

Linda is stunned when Johnny reveals he’s going to Nancy’s wedding, as she didn’t know anything about it! Mick and Linda go along with Johnny, but Mick can’t let Nancy marry Wayne, kidnapping her from the ceremony. Back in the Square, Nancy is furious with her parents and escapes out of a window to find her fiance.

Also, Tina tries to make a quick getaway in the morning after spending the night with Billy.