Ronnie has a run-in with Joel’s wife

Ronnie confronts Joel and demands to know why he’s avoiding her. Joel reveals that Archie paid him to stay away. Joel confesses that he’s in an unhappy marriage and wants to be with her, but he feels confused. Ronnie tells Joel she’ll wait for him at the Vic later and if he doesn’t show she’ll know it’s over. Back at the Vic, Ronnie gets a shock when instead of Joel she’s confronted by his wife, Stephanie, who tells her to stay away from her man.

Bianca convinces Ricky to ask out Dr Al for her for a date at Argee Bargee. Al is confused when Ricky approaches him and initially thinks that Ricky is asking him out! When Ricky explains, Al refuses to go. Bianca waits outside the restaurant and she’s furious when Ricky arrives and reveals that Al isn’t coming. Ricky suggests that they have dinner instead, but Bianca storms off.

Liz has rescued Dot’s mystery parcel from the bin and asks her what it is, but Dot is defensive. One of Jim’s care home workers Leonie visits Dot at the launderette and tells her that Jim is ready to come home. After Leonie leaves, Dot takes some handcuffs from lost property and handcuffs herself to a shelf behind the counter!