Ronnie demands to know what Jack is doing in Walford and he tells her that he wanted to check on his assets. Phil sees Jack in the VIP area and he makes it clear that he’s not happy about having him around. The opening night is a huge success, but Ronnie is left with divided loyalties when Jack tells her that he wants to start opening the club before closing time at the Vic.

Billy loses his job selling Christmas trees when he wakes up late and his boss Delia employs another elf. A despondent Billy goes to the pub to drown his sorrows, even though he hasn’t two pennies to rub together. Heather takes pity on him and buys him a pint.

Vince takes Shirley to the opening of R&R. Carly sees Vinnie with Shirley and warns him that her mum is bad news. Shirley gets completely hammered and Vinnie takes her home. Shirley drunkenly invites Vinnie to get into bed with her, but Vinnie does the decent thing and turns her down.

Also, Denise and Kevin make Ian and Jane an offer to buy their house; Dot tells Bradley and Stacey that she wants the house to herself.

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