Roxy discovers Ronnie cradling an injured Archie in the Vic. Archie gasps ‘I’m sorry’ before dying in Ronnie’s arms. Roxy is horrified by what she’s seen and runs from the Vic. Roxy hysterically tells the carol singers that she thinks her father is dead. Roxy drags Jack to the Vic and they find Ronnie in shock.

Ronnie and Roxy discover the Vic flat has been ransacked. Ian is at home listening to the incriminating voice clip on Archie’s laptop and looking troubled. Ryan finds Janine sobbing in the car lot cabin and tells her that Archie is dead. Meanwhile, Bradley returns home and washes blood from his fist and tells Stacey that he punched Archie.

Jack calls the police and the paramedics and an ambulance and squad car turns up. Two police officers question an increasingly agitated Ronnie. Ronnie insists that she did not kill her father, but she went to the Vic to talk to him because she was upset. A drunk Phil finds Peggy and Sam at the Brannings and reveals the news. Peggy is grief stricken and runs to the Vic and begs to see his body. The Vic is cordoned off and Ronnie is marched out by the police in handcuffs, under arrest on suspicion of murder…

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