Ronnie is on to Danielle

Danielle has painted ‘evil cow’ on Ronnie‘s door, but escaped undetected. Danielle looks after baby Amy when the Mitchells visit Peggy in hospital. Ronnie returns to the Vic to get some things for Peggy and Danielle brings up Ronnie’s adopted daughter again. Danielle calls Ronnie an ‘evil cow’ when she snaps at her and Ronnie realises Danielle was responsible for the graffiti.

Max is keen to see Lauren and he approaches Tanya and gets some money from his wallet for her to pass on to his daughter. Tanya notices that Max still has a photo of her in his wallet and Max confesses that he is still in love with her. Tanya leaves Max alone for a moment and he picks up her address book and searches through it, clearly after something in particular.

Chelsea is upset when she doesn’t hear from Theo and tells Lucas that Theo is the first decent guy to be interested in her. Lucas encourages Chelsea to call Theo and she invites Theo to dinner. He mentions that he’s still interested in talking to Patrick for the book.

Also, Peggy may have had a minor stroke. Archie says her campaign is too much stress for her and demands she give it up.

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