Ronnie learns the truth about Danielle

Peggy dons the dress she originally chose for herself for her wedding, but worries about Archie’s reaction. Archie’s face drops when Peggy walks into the church, but she defiantly tells him that he must accept her for who she is and his heart melts. Meanwhile, Danielle sneaks into the Vic and places her locket in Ronnie’s champagne glass…

Ronnie finds Danielle cradling Amy and is furious. Danielle blurts out that Ronnie is her mother, but Archie interrupts and convinces Ronnie that Danielle is crazy and throws her out. Ronnie raises her glass to toast Archie at the reception, but when she sees the locket she realises Danielle wasn’t lying. Ronnie rushes out after Danielle, while Peggy confronts Archie about his evil lie. Ronnie calls out to Danielle, who turns, smiling, but she’s hit by Janine’s speeding car and dies in Ronnie’s arms…

Max and Tanya miss the wedding to wait for a call from Lauren. They talk about their worries and end up kissing, but Tanya pulls away. Later, Max asks Stacey to change her testimony to help Lauren and when a drunk Stacey sees him after the wedding she asks Max for a kiss in return, but Max walks away.

Also, Jack tells Ronnie that he loves her and asks her for a second chance.

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