Ronnie struggles on the anniversary of baby James’s death, unsure about visiting his grave. Steeling herself to go after gentle persuasion from Lola, Ronnie is upset when Roxy cancels her calls. Meanwhile, Roxy is packing for a Paris break with Carl after dropping her plans for Ibiza. Later, Ronnie confronts Carl, offering him five grand to leave Walford. When he menacingly makes a move, Ronnie smashes him over the head with a champagne bottle…

At the Vic New Year’s Eve party Mick shows the mystery wedding invite to Shirley, unable to keep it to himself any longer. He reveals daughter Nancy is getting married tomorrow to a man the family hate. Not knowing how to tell Linda, Mick hides the invite. With the party in full flow, Mick and Linda sneak off for some alone time, not realising Mick’s still miked up to the karaoke!

Dexter and Fatboy don’t think it’s a good idea for Peter to stick around at the New Year party, knowing that Lola will be there. Peter is determined not to leave, insisting it won’t be awkward. When Lola arrives, Peter realises that he’s made a huge mistake in dumping her, begging her to take him back. Unable to resist, Lola agrees and they kiss.