Ronnie makes a confession to Phil

* One-hour episode *

Ronnie arranges to meet a sceptical Charlie for a drink, who points out her recent reluctance to spend time with him. Caught up in a row between Phil and Shirley, Ronnie is horrified to discover Phil arranged the attack on The Albert, confessing to Phil that she’s pregnant! Telling Phil that their family is toxic, Ronnie insists she can’t keep the baby after all, revealing to a shocked Phil that she has a gun for protection, as she’s scared in Walford. Phil encourages Ronnie not to squander her chance of having a child. Ronnie decides it’s time to get out if she’s going to keep the baby, ending things with Charlie before she leaves.

Roxy has found a drunk and depressed Shirley, who informs Roxy and Ronnie of Phil’s engagement. Confronting Shirley, Phil tells her to stay away from him and Sharon, demanding his £10,000 back or he’ll tell Mick her secret. Later, Sharon finds the gun that Ronnie left behind for Phil to dispose of.

Tina is in the doghouse with Tosh when she’s late meeting her for their first appointment at the fertility clinic after getting delayed helping out Sonia. Determined to get on with the fertility treatment, the girls are disheartened when they find out how much IVF will cost them. Feeling guilty, Tina makes it clear to Sonia she can’t spend time with her anymore.

Also, Linda is disappointed when Johnny fails his exams. Kat and Alfie have a false alarm when they think Kat has gone into labour. Alfie talks Terry into letting him borrow the black cab to make some cash. Mick fails to face his fear of water to help Billy with Janet’s sponsored swim