Ronnie makes up with Jack

Ronnie refuses to answer Jack’s calls and he’s frustrated. Ronnie later sees Jack in the club to check on whether the arrangements for a hen night, but she panics when she realises she forgot to book a stripper. Jack saves the day when he gets his mate to do the strip. The ice is broken and at the end of the evening, Jack pulls Ronnie into a passionate kiss…

Tanya wakes up with a stinking hangover to find Rainey in the house. Rainey promises Tanya that she is off the drugs and she even returns Tanya’s loan. Later, Max confronts Tanya about not being fit to look after the kids and he’s even more annoyed when he realises that Rainey is in Walford. Rainey tells Max to sling his hook.

Vinnie tells Heather that he’s fallen for Shirley and Heather plays matchmaker. She gets Shirley over to the launderette on a pretence and then locks her in with Vinnie. Shirley is taken aback when Vinnie says he loves her. He arranges to meet her at the tube that evening, but Shirley turns up late after her watch stops and Vinnie is gone.

Also, Keith convinces Darren to continue his job at the car lot; Chelsea needs a job.

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