Ronnie meets Jack’s ex-wife Selina

Ronnie is curious when she discovers that Jack has booked two tickets for the ballet and he admits that he’s taking his daughter Penny out for her birthday. Later, Ronnie overhears Selina leaving an angry message on Jack’s answerphone, forbidding him to take out Penny. Ronnie visits Selina and she’s stunned to discover that Penny is in a wheelchair. But what does her condition have to do with Jack?

Christian finds out more about his sister Jane when Roxy reveals that Jane had an affair with Grant Mitchell. Christian takes Jane out to the club for a raucous night out with a stripper. Ian is furious when he finds out and Christian is stunned when he tells him he wants him to leave.

Jay steals Dot’s house keys after a dare from the E20 crew. Jay and the gang let themselves into the house and cause chaos, but Jay feels bad when Dot’s budgie is let out of its cage. The gang do a runner as Dot turns up and Jay is left behind. Jay comes out of hiding and guiltily helps a shaken Dot clear up.

Also, Dawn decides to make Summer a model; Heather discovers Minty’s secret.

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