Ronnie meets the club buyer

Ronnie is disappointed when she sees the sign on the club saying ‘under new management’, but she is livid to discover that Jack is the new owner! Jack placates an angry Ronnie and offers her a partnership in the club as he has to go back to Manchester. Roxy is delighted that they will be running the club after all.

Jean hides Sean from the police, but when they have gone Jean berates Sean for attacking the young boy that threatened her with a firework. Sean has had enough of his mum and he storms out of the house and heads straight over to see Tanya. Sean begs an annoyed Tanya to run away with him, but she points out that she’s eight-months-pregnant and he skulks away.

Pat goes to see Steven in the psychiatric clinic and Steven is disappointed that Ian hasn’t come with her. Pat learns that Steven will be discharged and the clinic offer to sort out accommodation through social services. Pat tells a grateful Steven that he can live with her. Meanwhile, a distraught Jane argues with Ian and accuses him of being glad that she can’t have children.

Also, Jay is annoyed when Jase collects him from school.

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