Ronnie offers to support Danielle

Danielle tells Ronnie that she’s booked an appointment for abortion, but when Ronnie thinks that Stacey is going with her she confesses that she’s not told Stacey and she is planning to go alone. Ronnie feels bad for Danielle and offers to go with her and Danielle is thrilled.

Janine has ordered a flash new suit and seems to be up to something. Meanwhile, Darren is celebrating his 18th birthday and he excitedly tells Libby that Jack has promised him the car lot. But Darren’s hopes are dashed when Janine reveals that Jack has signed the car lot over to her. Libby is outraged on her boyfriend’s behalf and chucks a can of paint over Janine and her new suit!

Archie is suspicious when he catches Peggy on the computer. Peggy insists that she was checking film times to go see a film with Aunt Sal. After Peggy leaves Archie answers the phone to Aunt Sal and realises that Peggy is lying. Archie confronts Peggy on her return and Peggy confesses that she’s running for a place on the council. Archie hides his disapproval.

Also, Linda is upset when Ian wants her to move out and she later collapses; Bradley decides to sell Gumbo at a dog show.

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