Ronnie plots to expose Roxy

Ronnie turns to Vincent for help as she struggles with her paranoia over Roxy and Charlie, but soon has second thoughts. Coming up with a plan to find up what they’re up to, Ronnie’s not happy about what she learns. Meanwhile. Charlie tells Roxy that he wants to make his marriage work. Pretending to be okay with things when Charlie and Roxy insist there’s nothing between them, Ronnie secretly plants a camera to watch their every move.

Masood refuses to help Shabnam when she wants him to get together with her and Carmel to plan the wedding. Realising he’s being too harsh, he apologises. After coming to blows with a strident Carmel over the planning, Shabnam’s frustrated when Kush wonders whether they should go ahead with the wedding. Shabnam apologises for her behaviour and they plan an engagement party. Meanwhile, as Masood prepares to open Masala Masood, he prints off the address of his granddaughter…

Phil is feeling guilty about Lola losing her job after quitting her shift to have drinks at The Albert in support of Sharon’s cocktail competition. When the calm approach doesn’t work, Phil decides to fix things his own way by confronting Shirley.

Also, Sharon and Kim put their plans in motion to open their two separate bars.