Ronnie discovers that Jack punched Dr Steele, who confesses that Jack was jealous when he found out that they were together. Ronnie dashes to the hospital and tells Jack that she loves him no matter what. She presents him with the engagement ring he once bought her and says as soon as he’s well enough to propose she’ll marry him.

Chelsea tells Amira she needs to get a pregnancy test. Chelsea realises that she’s overdue for her period and buys a pregnancy test, too. The girls take the tests in the salon, but are interrupted by Denise before they can check the results. Amira agrees to pluck Denise’s eyebrows, but she’s so distracted that ends up removing half her eyebrow.

Syed and the family are excited at the prospect of Amira being pregnant. A smug Zainab tells Masood they should throw a flat-warming party for Syed and Amira and make sure that Christian comes along. Christian is crushed when he learns Amira is pregnant and tells Syed they need to finish with each other. Syed promises Christian he’ll tell his family the truth. Meanwhile, Masood confesses to Zainab he saw Syed kissing Christian, while Amira is crestfallen when her pregnancy test is negative, but Chelsea’s is positive!

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