Ronnie reacts badly to Jack’s secret

Roxy confronts Jack after seeing Ronnie leaving his flat. He begs her not to ruin Ronnie’s happiness by telling her about Selina and Roxy grudgingly agrees. Jack asks Ronnie to move in with him and he waits for her at Fargo’s for her answer. Roxy is furious when Ronnie reveals she is moving in with Jack and she tells Ronnie about Jack and Selina. A devastated Ronnie storms over to Fargo’s, punches Jack, and returns to the Vic alone.

Minty is excited about being a dad, but Hazel warns him that she needs confirmation from the doctor. Minty accidentally lets the news slip to an appalled Garry, who passes the news on to Phil. Hazel finds Minty in the Vic after visiting the doctor and is angry that the news is out. Hazel seems worried. What is wrong?

Dot attempts to record a tape for Jim after a nurse suggests that familiar voices may help him recover. Jack learns that the hospital need Jim’s bed and he will be discharged. Jack suggests a nursing home when she admits that, in reality, she’s not up to looking after Jim.

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