It’s the day of the wedding and Phil feels frustrated when Ben confronts him, saying that he thinks Phil should be with Sharon after all. Things get even more complicated when Aunt Sal turns up with a pregnant Ronnie, much to Roxy’s surprise!

Phil is forced to explain his plan to ruin Sharon when Ronnie reveals the whole family are against the marriage. Unimpressed, Ronnie tells Phil that if he loves Sharon he should marry her, otherwise he should walk away. Realising he needs to speak to Sharon, Phil is stopped by Shirley, who tells him it’s now or never. Phil resolutely continues upstairs to see Sharon. Who will he choose?

Stacey confronts Alfie about the framed photo of Nana Moon, forcing him to admit that he committed arson for the insurance. Horrified, Stacey insists that Alfie come clean to Kat. Arriving at the hospital, Stacey thinks Alfie’s done the right thing when she sees Kat holding the frame… Until she realises Alfie has kept his secret, replacing the picture of Nana Moon with a photo of Tommy, Bert and Ernie.

Also, Dean gives Stacey a job at Blades when she steps in to sort out Sharon’s bridal hairstyle.