Ronnie ruins Kat and Alfie’s Christmas

A happy Alfie is determined to make this year the best Christmas ever, planning to cover the front of the Vic in decorations. Kat warns Alfie to be more discreet after seeing the state Roxy was in the night before. When a hungover Roxy admits to Ronnie she’s going to leave Walford, Ronnie’s determined to do something to help her sister. Kat and Alfie are stunned when Ronnie tells them they’ll have to leave the Vic as Phil is selling up!

Jake and Lauren arrange to meet up at his flat, as Sadie will be out all day. When Sadie makes a surprise return with the news that Bella needs picking up from school after an accident, Lauren has just enough time to hide. A guilty Jake later tells Lauren it can’t happen again but Lauren is loving the excitement of sneaking around.

Bianca admits to David she’s rattled by Nikki’s visit, unsure she can trust Terry. David has a word with Terry, insisting he show Bianca how much he cares for her. Although unhappy about David’s interference, Terry does see the wisdom in David’s words. Bianca is touched when Terry decks out the lounge with Alfie’s unwanted Christmas decorations, reassuring her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.